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The Story Behind The Project

Servers Made Easy

Servers Made Easy was created in 2013 by Matthew Koster as a hosting project. In the early 2000's Matthew worked for his late father's design company Koster Interactive Design Inc. where he provided his father's clients with hosting solutions under the name The Digital Fingerprint. When his father passed away in late 2008, Matthew, and his brother Christopher, who also worked for the family business, decided to it was time to close the doors of Koster Interactive Design Inc. as both had different careers. Matthew, a Linux server administrator by trade, was more interested in the "behind the scenes" work on servers, where Christopher was running his own design company. Matthew continued to provide his late father's customers with hosting solutions and support for several more years and started to provide the same for his brother's customers. However, in 2017, Christopher closed his company and gave up many of his clients, and decided to shut down his server. Since then, Servers Made Easy has become the home of only a few personal sites run by Matthew and his brother and has become more of a part-time project only accepting clients via referral.

Matthew Koster

Matthew is currently working as a Senior Systems Administrator for a medical company out of Montreal QC, he prides himself on his quality of work, and although Servers Made Easy is only a small-time project, this standard of quality that Matthew strides to achieve is not lost on his customers. Having over 10 years of experience in Customer Service, Matthew is well versed in the importance of happy customers. He follows the old adage "It takes years to gain the trust of a client, it takes only seconds to lose it". He prides himself on making sure that his customers are happy with his service and provides support for their needs despite his busy work schedule.

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